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Restaurant Menu Consulting in Irvine, Anaheim & Orange County, CA

I am an executive chef who also offers restaurant food consulting services in and around Laguna Beach, California. The restaurant business is notoriously competitive, often working on tight margins and with remarkable turn-over rates. Around 60% of restaurants in the United States fail within the first year. (Source) As an experienced professional chef, I enjoy being a restaurant business consultant. I have spent years in kitchens throughout the culinary world and am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve supervised the opening and contributed to the menu design of more than a dozen restaurants.
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What Does a Restaurant Menu Development Consultant Do?

When I plan restaurant openings or run my own catering business, it is helpful for me to have someone with expertise and outside perspective that I can trust and talk with. That’s what I, in turn, supply my clients when they hire me as a consultant. I don’t create menus from scratch or do data gathering about your restaurant patrons.

As a consulting chef, I do, however:

  • Give expert advice on existing menus, streamlining or adding to them.
  • Taste dishes and give recommendations for improvement.
  • Discuss the structure of your kitchen and how to make it more efficient.
  • Answer any business questions for those newer to the culinary world. 

Essentially, if you have questions about starting a restaurant, running a restaurant, or custom menu development, call (949) 469-0604 or contact me. I am eager to help.

After we work together in your kitchen, you can enjoy being the recipient of a personal menu for a change, if you hire me as a personal chef for a night or on a regular basis.
Click here  to learn more about the styles of cooking, cooking techniques, and food influences I employ as a private chef. Then call (949) 469-0604 for an initial consultation.


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