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Personal Chef Services from an Experienced Executive Chef

My name is Tom Catrow, an executive chef-turned-personal chef in Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach, California. For over more than two decades, I have sharpened the knowledge I gained at the Western Culinary Institute (Le Cordon Bleu) Culinary School by starting as an executive sous chef and progressing to an executive chef in hospitality food service and the restaurant industry. Since then, I have branched out, working as a private chef to a range of clients from individual households to members of the Utah Jazz basketball team. (I also do private catering and restaurant consulting.)
Whether you’re looking to hire a personal chef for one night or to engage weekly chef services, if you are looking for a private chef that comes to your home, call
(949) 469-0604 today. My services allow you to hire a chef for an event, hire a private dinner party chef, hire an in-home personal chef for one night or on a regular basis, and everything in between.


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Why Hire a Professional, Private Chef at Home?

Food plays a huge role in all our lives. Having convenient, high-quality food expertly prepared to the highest standard makes my clients’ lives better, more relaxed. By engaging me as a personal chef at home, you get the full advantage of my expertise. You receive a healthy diet full of tasty and tasteful dishes while saving time and effort.

As your private chef, I will:

  • Meet with you for an initial consultation.
  • Design a personal menu with nutritional requirements.
  • Offer grocery shopping services.
  • Cook in the comfort of your home.
  • Clean up any areas and dishes I use for cooking or food preparation.

If this already sounds like a service you would be interested in, you can call (949) 469-0604 to discuss hiring me as an in-home chef.

Chef Specialties and Personalized Menu Design

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California Cuisine
This is my comfort zone, focusing on healthy and eclectic food choices.
Asian-Inspired Dishes
This includes sushi. (I also teach sushi-making classes for my clients and their friends. When you contact me or call [Phone Number], we can discuss this fun addition to my chef services.)
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Using French Cooking Techniques
A strong foundation in cooking fundamentals allows me to apply these core techniques to many other foods.
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Italian Comfort Food
Comfort food can be healthy, and who doesn’t love a good pasta dish?
European Cuisine
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I also easily tailor menus toward the following dietary choices, and many more:

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Plant-based Eating
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Keto or High-Fat Diet
  • Low-Carb Diet
  • Lecithin-Based Cooking (both for health and religious reasons)
  • Intermittent Fasting

I take pride in bringing my skills and knowledge into my clients’ homes so you can reap the benefits of exceptional food without taking time out of your busy schedule. If you’d like to learn more about the other chef services I provide, including high-end catering and acting as a restaurant consultant, click
here. Otherwise, call (949) 469-0604 or contact me to discuss how you can hire me as a personal chef for a night or on a regular basis in the Anaheim, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach areas.

Simplify Your Life. Excite Your Tastebuds.

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